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50 years experience in manufacturing and installation

The best warranty in the industry

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We're talking about your balcony... FIBROBALCON IS THE BEST CHOICE

Established in Canada since 1963, we are "pioneers" in the field of fiberglass balconies whether for residential, industrial or commercial use.

Our reputation is based on the exceptional characteristics of our high quality balconies and on the 20 years and more experience of our personals.

For a very competitive price, our experts will install safely and rapidly a balcony that will assure you satisfaction and peace of mind for years and years.

To improve the appearance and the value of your property, do not hesitate to contact us.

Our balconies are:

  • Non-slip hence safe for you;
  • Economical since they require no maintenance or painting;
  • Weather-proof;
  • Durable so they won't crack or split and require no paint;

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